jyoung20 (jyoung20) wrote in celexa_users,

On celexa for 16 days and feeling suicidal

 Well when I started it I was in pretty bad shape but I wasn't suicidal (On 20mg). in the past 2 days (day 15 & 16) I've been fucking miserable and suicidal. Is this just a phase? Should I continue taking it? I've lost my job, have no health care so I use a free clinic that's open once a week and you can only visit once a month (though exceptions are made.) I'm wondering if this is just a coincidental and not a result of the celexa (being how long it takes to kick in) or if it's the drug. I also have anxiety issues and am on Buspirone 10 mg twice daily. Should I quit taking it or just go back asap or continue taking it and still go back asap? I'm really at a loss here. Oh, and the Buspirone doesn't work for shit either. : /
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Both Buspirone and Celexa are not meds you should just stop taking cold turkey -- trust me, those side effects are worse. I would try to keep going and wait a few more days, especially since you've had some really sucky things that have happened recently. It can take a month or so for Celexa to reach its full effects.

I would contact your clinic though, and tell them about your symptoms and see if there's someone you can talk to and get more official information. Maybe it's just not the right one for you, too. That's always a possiblity. Good luck!
Am just now reading this. Hope you listened to the above poster. Did you get a hold of the clinic?