jyoung20 (jyoung20) wrote in celexa_users,

On celexa for 16 days and feeling suicidal

 Well when I started it I was in pretty bad shape but I wasn't suicidal (On 20mg). in the past 2 days (day 15 & 16) I've been fucking miserable and suicidal. Is this just a phase? Should I continue taking it? I've lost my job, have no health care so I use a free clinic that's open once a week and you can only visit once a month (though exceptions are made.) I'm wondering if this is just a coincidental and not a result of the celexa (being how long it takes to kick in) or if it's the drug. I also have anxiety issues and am on Buspirone 10 mg twice daily. Should I quit taking it or just go back asap or continue taking it and still go back asap? I'm really at a loss here. Oh, and the Buspirone doesn't work for shit either. : /
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