MissMadiD (madid) wrote in celexa_users,

Will I be the next citalopram success story?

Hi kids :)

I have been on 10mg of citalopram for 2 weeks now and I have had hardly any side effects... I would almost say none but I got some extreemly strong PMS during the 1st week so some of the PMS symptoms could have been mixed up with the citalopram side effects.
I read so many horror stories about citalopram on the Internet that I had 4 panic attacks before I even took one pill, and all my anxiety about the medication was not at all justified. So far I really don't feel any different, but it's only been two weeks and I am willing to give it a little over a month before I start seeking a new anti-depressant.

To anyone who is thinking about taking citalopram/celexa but isn't sure... Take a deep breath and give it a go.
What have you got to loose?
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