Amy (neonpenguin) wrote in celexa_users,

I don't know if this is a "duh" thing or not but just in case...

You guys didn't know, different brands of celexa are different. Like the generics should be the same but aren't. Mine was fine, then I got the same prescription from a different pharamacy and it gave me nightmares (instead of blocking them like it usually does!) and was telling me to kill myself. I posted earlier about it, and the longer I took it the more it escalated. I called my psych and he told me about that.. how it was because a different company made it.

Just throwing what I learned out there to you guys, if you switch brands be careful. If you aren't suicidal and start celexa and suddenly your mind thinks it's a good idea- it's prob the drug talking! I took it for months without that.. I generally love celexa. The other one was just creepy though.
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