Nessa bo Bessa (ohlawday) wrote in celexa_users,
Nessa bo Bessa

Okay, okay

Alrighty, my name is Nessa and I have been taking Citalopram (20 mg) for 3 weeks to treat my panic disorder. I used to take Paroxetine, but the doctor took me off of it.

I definitely hate this medication. My panic attacks have resurfaced, when my previous meds made them almost disappear.

Also, I have experienced so much anger lately. Completely uncharacteristic of me, which is frightening. I can imagine breaking the bones of my best friends, when they aren't even irritating. It has been going way too far.

I have an appointment with the doctor to discuss what I should do now. Hopefully, I can be placed on something that will work better for me.
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